Maintaining Memory Skills

Everyone experiences memory lapses and many of us worry about memory loss. Research tells us that 50-75% of adults over age 50 will experience some degree of memory loss...

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Dealing with Hearing Loss

Assistive listening systems (ALS) use wireless technology (FM, infrared or induction loop) to help you better understand TV and reduce your listening effort. A personal loudspeaker or headset system may be used.  An ALS is a personal choice to investigate under the guidance of an audiologist or hearing aid dispenser...

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Swallowing and Dysphagia

We all swallow hundreds of times a day without thinking about it. Normal swallowing involves rapid, precise, complex muscle control. This process becomes a problem (Dysphagia) when an accident, stroke, tumor or disease reduces a person’s ability to get adequate nutrition by mouth...

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Peninsula Associates

Peninsula Associates is a full-service speech and language private practice with offices in Menlo Park and San Mateo. Our clinicians provide speech, language and learning services for all ages, including infants and seniors. Individual and group therapy and special programs are offered year-round....

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